Rust in pieces :(

Always sad to see classics in such a poor state.
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Japans Retro Car Kings

A unique look inside the shops, hearts and minds of five of Japan's most talented classic car tuners, restorers and re-imaginers; Japan's Retro Car Kings. A 45 minute journey through some of Japan's most influential and trend setting automotive culture, an inspiration for preservation, restoration and restomodding classic Japanese automobiles like the influential S30 Z-cars and KGC10 Skylines.

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The old Six is back on the road

My old Datsun Super Six is now back on the road. Dean sent me a txt to let me know it had passed inspection.

Here's a few more recent photos.

Update: CSP311 Number 359

This car is now up on ebay for a more reasonable starting price.
I'd estimate that it will sell for between $8000 to $10,000 based on its condition, and the sale prices of other CSP311's in similar condition.

ebay link

Bye Bye Super 6

The Super 6 has just driven away on the back of a trailer. The new owner, Dean is going to fix it up and turn it into a weekend cruiser.

Unfortunately circumstances never allowed me to do anything to it. It's time for me to sell off the other cars and get back to the 3 cars I originally intended to restore. Though, when I'll be able to start on them I don't know. They are looking like retirement projects, and that's a long way off.

At least I saved it from going to the crusher. Hopefully Dean will get it up and running.